Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

Climate Change May Bring Drought to Temperate Areas, Study Says

'Wet areas will get wetter and dry areas will get drier,' says a scientist, describing the findings of a NASA-led study on rainfall trends. Drought-prone places include the Southwestern United States.

Prop. 13 loophole gives edge to big players

Change of ownership, key to reassessment, is cut-and-dried for homeowners but not businesses. It means a loss of tens of millions of dollars a year in tax revenue.

Jerry Brown Blames Climate Change For State's Early Fire Season

Gov. Jerry Brown put the state's early wildfire season in global terms Monday, saying the state would have to grow accustomed to more forest fires as a consequence of climate change.

House rejects plan to halt deportation of some immigrants

The House prohibits funding for Obama's program to temporarily halt deportations if immigrants have served in the military or are in college. The vote underscores House Republicans' resistance to an immigration overhaul.

Part-timers To Lose Pay Amid Health Act's New Math

Some workers are having their hours cut so employers won't have to cover them under Obamacare. But many will benefit from the healthcare law's premium subsidies and Medicaid expansion.

Plans Shelved For Coal Export Terminal In Oregon

Of six coal export terminals originally proposed in the Pacific Northwest, projects at Grays Harbor and St. Helens have been withdrawn, and a project at Coos Bay is shelved. Trains would originate in the Powder River Basin.

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